German & Norwegian Elections Rigged?

January 27, 2006

It’s no secret that top masons/illuminati Cheney and Co. wer not totally happy with Chancellor Schröder and his opposition to their war in Iraq, after all he said that 9000 UN weapons inspectors vistis had so far found no trace of any such weapons and should therefore be given the time they needed to carry out more inspections.

But as some of us know, Iraq had been selling it’s oil in €uro… this was very damaging to the petrodollar and hurting the US.
9000+ inspections and counting could only mena one thign, the sanctions againgst Iraq were on the way out and then Iraq would be free to trade all of it’s oil, not just a mere 3 000 000 barrels here and there.

Iraq trading oil on the open market was not an option the US could allow as of course Iraq owns 1/3 of the worlds oil reserves…

So what’s this got to do with Germany?
Well Th German election not unlike the last two American election was rigged and even after it was finished they couldn’t decide who won!!. As it turned out the freeemason/illumanti managed to get an ally in place in charge of Germany. She has since encourage German companies not to trade with Iran…
Iran as many of us know plan in 2006 to strat trading it’s oil in €uro too!! This will severely hurt the value of the dollar as the American dollar is based completely on oil trades…
If the world doen’t buy and sell oil in $’s the US will be bankrupt it’s that simple…

Germany is Europes largest economy and the worlds third largets, so do not underestimate the power of their foreign business contracts, the drop of nealry 50% so far of contracts with Iran is designed to send Iran a message from the worlds leaders ie the freemasons/illuminati that they f*uck with CHeney and Co at their peril…

The US cannot invade Iran as Iran will not be easily defeated… The US know this, remeber they threw every checmical and biologiacl weapon in the US arsenal at Iran for 10 years when they armed Saddam Hussein to the teeth with all sorts of illegal weapons to fight Iran… The same weapons they now charge Saddam Hussein for using!!

So the freemsons/illuminati know they cannot afford another Vietnam and going into Iran would at the very least end in humiliating defeat for them. The Iranins are afterall not a bunch of pussies who will put their hands up, they are not unarmed Palestians with no means to dfend themselves, they will fight to defend their homland with every means available.

This explains the US not acting on their many threats to sort out the “Axis of Evil”. Instead they will try to bring Iran to it’s feet with economic sanctions and interference, the easiet way to do this is to put governments in power around the world which are mason/illuminati friendly. Germany Norway, Australia and the UK is only the start..
Contracts between all of these nations and Iran are at the lowest point since the hostage crisis which put paid to Jimmy Carter.

Norway is perhaps a surprisng inclusion in this freemason/illuminati club, but it shouldn’t really surprise you. They are a huge oil rich government. What would happen them if the dollar was suddenly costing them 80% of their oil profit? They must support the petrodollar and therefore the had a pre election deal to take power regardless of the outcome of their recent election, three parties now in govermenment agreed to be in a coallition… The workers party being the biggest party might lead many of you to think this is bull. But bear in mind one of the first things this oil rich country supposedly run by the workers party did after the election was to introduce a milk carton tax… A milk carton tax because they said 65% recycling wasn’t enough… This tax of approximately 20 € cents per carton of milk can only hurt Norways poorer people, not the rich. It’s just a typical example of how greedy freemasons/illuminati have taken over that country under the guise of the workers party…

SO I might be deviating a bit, I know, but only with facts and at the end of the day Norway like Germany since the change of government has pressurised businesses not to deal with Iran.

The Norwegian election was fixed because the parties publicly announced they would co-operate… the German election was fixed because no one knew who won then suddenly the pro-Bush party came out on top after weeks of deliberation…

Don’t for one minute think this is a Cheney / Bush thing… this is the true power of the freemasons/illuminati.



Real democracy in the Middle East?

January 27, 2006

Millions of US$ and untold interfernece by the US and Mossad couldn’t keep the Palestinian people down.
After weeks of US sponsored violence in the occupied nation of Palestine the election was held and the people voted.
So are the masons/illuminati happy? I doubt it.

After all ten years ago the Palestinians voted for a government, welcomed by Clinton and the rest of the world, yet frownded upon by Cheney and Co. when they came to power. Called terrorists and sanctioned to the hilt, bombed several times daily by the Israeli arm of the illuminati (the real terrorists), need I mention bombed with US made and paid for heavy weapons and jet fighters.

The Palestinian people terrorists? Since when has an occupied country using any means possible to defend their right to self determination terrorists? Granted suicide bobmers are hardly the most savory of people, they indiscriminately kill civilians which should really make any civilised person sick.
However as the most powerful nation on earth has armed their oppressors and occupiers to the teeth with enough missiles, attack helicopters and guns to arm an Army the size of20 Israels I don’t think we’re entitled to be too judgemental on the Palestians using the only means they have available to defend their homeland.

This is of course overlooked by the media, they tend to forget that Israel is occupying Palestine, they tend to overlook that in this instance the oppressed have no voice, or rather aren’t allowed a voice as all of the media only tell the occupiers side of the story, which in this case is of course a complete cover up of the daily brutality and degradadation dished out by the occupiers.

If Iraq wasn’t allowed to occupy Kuwait, why are Israel allowed and indeed finance to occupy Palestine? That is a question you can try to find the answer to yourself…

I have as yet not mentioned that Israel are illegally in possession of at least 220 nuclear bobms, powerful enough to destroy many of it’s neighbours. These weapons of course held in flagrant breach of all international treaties govenrning chemical and nuclear waepons, not to mention breaking almost 50 UN resolutions that even the US couldn’t veto (mainly as they were voted upon in the UN in times approaching US elections and the US just couldn’t veto them).

So why do the US continue to arm and finance this army of occupation? Why do they continiously label democratically elected governments in Palestine as terrorists? WHy do they contiune to arm this nation in breach of 40+ UN resolutions? Whilst at the same time they go after Iran for wanting to create pollution free nuclear energy? Iran are by the way in breach of no such UN resolutions or international nuclear proliferation treaties… They are developing non bomb ghrade uranium for peaceful means. Anything the US says contrary to this has to be taken with a pinch of salt based purely on every single word that comes out of their mouth is pure brown lies…
WMD in Iraq? Aren’t the US the occupiers whom on a daily basis use their modern day napalm and other banned chemical weapons in Iraq trying to shut up the Iraqis who dare oppose their occupation? You see where I’m going here, looks very similar to Palestine, but that is for a different blog!!

So to conclude, Palestine is a nation, not a free nation, thanks mainly to the US. In the weeks leading up to the elections in Palestine we seen hourly reports of running gun battles on the streets of Gaza between the Palestinian AUthority and the “terrorists”.
What we didn’t see was the US delivering the weapons and CIA men to fire the first shots of every battle, what we didn’t hear was the the “terrorists” were defending themselves against the same weapons the US deliver to Israel and what we weren’t told was that all of this violence was encourage by the US to enable the pro US media around the world to report that Hamas were the bad guys and agressors when in fact they were not!
The facts do not change, The Palestinian people obviosly were well aware who was the real instigators of this recent violence and opposed the violence with their votes!
No doubt now we will see in the US sponsored media, not just Fox, but the BBC and CNN as well how this will create havoc in the middle east… There is a simple solution.
Stop supporting the illegal occupation of their country and there will be peace.
Hamas only call for the destruction of Israel as long as the occupy their land. So pull them  out and then bomb Hamas if they continue to fight… I doubt they will. They might well fight among themselves, but that is a whole lot better than the senseless murder of the innocents in Israel.
No one wants to see innocent Israeli or Palestinians pay for the war crimes of Israeli and American politicians any more.

But there may be light at the end of this tunnel…
A few years back Billy Boy Clinton lied about an oral encounter he had with an assistant, the masonic/illuminati majority in the AMerican congress tried to kick him out of office and in doing so wasted 70m US$ into the bargain.
Payback is due for that farce and here we are approaching US midterm elections with a sitting President whom along with VP Cheney, war minister Rumsfeld and the rest of a cabinet full of war criminals…
The light? Well maybe the American people will come out of this state of goventment imposed brainwash and vote in the Democrats and just maybe the democrats will grow a pair of balls and hold Bush & Co. accountable for their actions.
I would imagine should this happen and they impeach Bush & Cheney, it will be many years before anothe American regime decides to take over the world agian…

So com on Americans, stand up for yourselves for once and bring peach to this world of wars!

Hello world!

January 27, 2006

Hi and thanks for visiting my Blog!!

My blogs will be what many like to characterise as paranoid ranting and raving… however I consider that particular many the victims of masonic/Illuminati brainwashing, people who believe all they here in the un-independant media such as Fox News, CNN and the BBC…
People will be surprised that I include th BBC & CNN with Fox.. but don’t be.

They are all the same, controlled by high ranking masons with only one goal, to brainwash the planet into their way of thinking.

I live in Europe, I have a pretty big satellite dish with a pretty big motor. I roam the skies trying to pick up newsfeeds. One feed I picked up will answer a lot of peoples questions…:
Why did the big bad Taliban run from Khandaher?
CNN reported in a feed (this feed to CNN Centre in Atlanta had to go through a European satellite to be forwarded to a Sataellite which could be picked up in the US so CNN could get the report to their head office in Atalanta…) that the US carpet bombed Khandahar killing at least 50,000 people.
This is why the Taliban didn’t fight in that war! For once they did the right thing and ran to save more innocent lives being massacared.

I am no friend of the Taliban, they are inhumane and insane, I am just reporting what CNN reported to CNN centre, this report was to my knowledge NEVER aired. Killing 50,000 people in one night is not ever justified…

The Taliban didn’t fly aeroplanes into buildings in the USA the illuminati/masons did that.
You can read future blogs to find our how and why if you are one of the few who doesn’t already know. If you are onr of those poor unfortunates, find a decent torretn site and downlod “Loose Change” or “911 Eye Witness”. WHat you see will shock you. For years I have been well aware of what freemasons are really about, this sh*t even shocked me!! It is so beyond the realms of believablilty that even after watching hundreds of hours of independant documentary footage it is still hard for me to accept that the masons would stoop to this level just to generate a few business contracts and laws, but weather I want to belive it or not the facts speak for themselves…